Technical Research Capabilities

Technical R&D Capabilities & Experience

HRI has designed and managed projects in many areas of advanced technology. The following list is representative of HRI’s capabilities:

  • cryogenic liquids and gasses (to liquid He temperatures)
  • high magnetic fields, both pulsed and DC
  • microwave hardware, waveguide & cavity design
  • ultrahigh pressures and temperatures for novel materials processing
  • high voltage (up to 600 kV) ultrafast (sub-nS) pulsers and radiators
  • high power fast risetime pulsers for shock studies
  • electric arc-induced shockwave studies in liquids
  • sensitive vacuum balances for gravity modulation & manipulation studies
  • unique apparatus for materials fabrication and testing
  • high-temperature ceramic superconductor manufacture
  • development of novel ultra-wideband ferrite, piezoelectric & dielectric materials
  • high-power RF designs both solid state and vacuum tube
  • recording telescope & monochromator spectrum display for anomalous luminescence
  • novel circuits and stimulator coils for rTMS (repetitive Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation)
  • development of test beds for gyroscopic and other mechanical and electrical thrusters
  • design and testing of apparatus to investigate energy production from quantum vacuum
  • optical squeezed-light experiments for negative energy density studies
  • neuronal cell cultures and associated apparatus for anomalous bio-communication studies
  • polymer chemistry laboratory

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