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R&D Services

Two major service areas are offered:

If an inventor, scientist or engineer has a breakthrough idea but cannot find a suitable facility to perform the necessary tests, or the funds to support such tests, HRI will examine the concept and determine the best way to verify the claims of the inventors.

If an investor is presented with an invention that he or she deems worthy of further independent investigation, and they cannot find any suitable laboratory to vet the concept, HRI can step in.


    In order to support the varied and complex projects undertaken by HRI, a comprehensive suite of analytical apparatus is maintained. Including: optical and electron microscopy, EDX and XRD detectors, Raman, FTIR...


    HRI has designed and managed projects in many areas of advanced technology. For example (but not limitre, eleced to): cryogenic liquids and gasses, high magnetic fields...


    HRI has worked closely with several prominent universities including the Universities of Toronto (Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Dept’s), McMaster (Materials Science Dep’t), McGill (Mech. Eng. Shock Physics lab).

To learn more about Hathaway’s R&D services, equipment and facility, please click to call at: 905-795-9382 or through our contact page.