We are currently involved in several leading edge research projects. Below is a brief description of the projects and some photos of the ongoing work.

  • Bio-communications Research Project

    The Bio-communications project is designed to sense the transfer of information between isolated populations of organisms.

  • AGNUE (Anti-Gravity by NUclear Entropy)

    Dr. Frederick Alzofon developed a theory of gravitational interaction and modification based on the cyclic spin polarization of atomic nuclei called ``AGNUE``.

  • Puthoff - Metamaterials for TEM Impulse Radiator

    Dr. H.E. Puthoff (Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin) developed a theory of the quantum vacuum which treats certain characteristics of the vacuum...

  • Squeezed Light and Negative Energy Density Quantum States

    ``Squeezed Light`` has been produced and researched on our optics table in the Toronto lab. the first of several negative energy...

  • Woodward Dielectric Thrust Propulsion in an Oscillating Electric Field

    Prof. Jim Woodward (U. Cal. Fullerton) dseveloped a consistent physical theory about inertia which allowed him to ...


    Based on the theoretical work of Bernard Haisch and Garret Moddel (U. of Colorado), HRI is to determining whether energy can be continuously extracted from the quantum...

  • rTMS (Rep. Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation)

    Claims have been made as to the possibility of using rTMS techniques to enhance certain human cognitive faculties.

  • HRI Autonomous Field-deployable Multi-sensor Anomalous Event Detector

    The HRI Autonomous Field-deployable Multi-sensor Anomalous Event Detector (AFMAED) is a system for autonomously detecting, deciphering and transmitting ...

  • NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts

  • Novel Polymer Development

  • Test of New Physics Theory

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