Konfluence Electro-gravitic Bouyancy Experiment

About This Project

Under a cooperative agreement with DARPA, Dr. L. Williams of Konfluence Research found apparently large electro-gravitic buoyancy forces are predicted in the long-known Kaluza theory of five-dimensional general relativity [1]. The theory predicted that electrically-charged objects would experience an upward buoyancy force counter to gravity. Therefore HRI was enlisted to perform a rapid-response test of these surprising results. Our unique capabilities and experience allowed us to perform the tests without any equipment expenditures, so that all the resources went into exploring a range of parameters. HRI was asked to measure the weight of different test masses under a range of charge states that spanned 5 orders of magnitude, and for both polarities. HRI designed and built a custom high voltage divider to accurately measure charge on test masses for the high-voltage tests. The weight of these test masses was measured to high accuracy using custom-made load cells immune to the extremely high charges generated by the electrostatic machines. A null result was obtained for all charge states. This appears to be the first experimental falsification of the 100-year old theory.

1. Long Range Forces in Five-Dimensional General Relativity, L.L. Williams, Advances in Mathematical Physics, vol. 2020, Article ID 9305187, https://doi.org/10.1155/2020/9305187