Physics Research & Development

Physics Research & Development at Hathaway Research

Although few R&D projects are based solely on a single discipline of science, multiple branches of physics are commonly applied to an R&D project to make it commercially viable. Dealing with the nature of matter and energy, physics explores the effects of mechanics, heat, light/sound/radiation, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms, and their impact on matter.

A short list of the many disciplines of physics includes:

Mechanics – motion of and forces on objects Optics – light & propagation
Electricity – the study of flow of charge Classical physics (mechanics, electro-magnetic & thermal)
Magnetism – study of magnetic fields and forces Geophysics – study of the Earth’s structure
Electronics – motion of electrons through devices Thermodynamics – the nature of heat
Quantum – sub-atomic study of the universe Nuclear – study of atoms and particles
Sound & vibration – study of waves Relativity – relations by frame of reference
Plasma – study of ionic states of matter Engineering physics – combining scientific disciplines
Modern physics (relativity & quantum physics) Astrophysics – study of universe, galaxies, stars, etc


Popularized by the 13-year running television series “The Big Bang Theory”, physics has been brought into the spotlight to make a generation of aspiring STEM students aware that there are literally 100,000’s of physicists around the world trying to help make sense of our universe and attempting to explain some of its many mysteries. Although the show focused heavily on Theoretical Physics (practiced by many universities around the globe), it is the assignment of an R&D laboratory such as Hathaway Research to turn these theories into working models.

As a private sector R&D facility, Hathaway Research works with scientific bodies, engineering firms & educational institutions to conduct experimental or theoretical research for the purposes of:

  • Scientific measurements and analysis
  • Development of projects based on physics principles, prototypes & patents
  • Publishing peer-reviewed papers on scientific discoveries & challenges
  • Performing research on the viability of pre-existing experiments & patents
  • Presenting research, results & findings

If you are considering undertaking a physics-based project, we would be honoured to discuss your project with you by phone or in our Mississauga facility – please contact us at 905-795-9382 or via  email.