Materials Science Research & Development

Materials Science Research & Development at Hathaway

Materials science R&D is proving to be the key to unlocking the future of many industries, due to the current limitations of today’s available materials. Many industries that depend on materials in order to experience further growth have encountered stagnation and require new technological breakthroughs for advancement. From micro-processor speeds to medical devices and space travel, mankind looks to this field of science & engineering in order to move forward.

The field of materials science is often defined through epochs of advancement such as the stone age, bronze age, iron age and steel age, and is one of the oldest models of applied sciences. Today there are typically 4 generally-agreed upon categories of materials: metals, ceramics, polymers & composites, which are studied by scientists to make improvements and developments for the countless industries dependent on these breakthroughs. There is also an ever-increasing competition to make these materials: cheaper, faster, lighter, more efficient, stronger and environmentally friendly & sustainable.

Material scientists perform research on the various properties of materials (based on combinations of elements found on the Periodic Table) in order to develop new materials to better suit the needs of specific applications. A material scientist is often the liaison between chemists and physicist in order to facilitate the success of a project.

Some of the main properties relevant to the study of materials include:

Weight & density Mechanical properties in compression, tension etc
Chemical properties (atomic) Optical properties
Thermal properties (such as thermal transport) Magnetic properties
Electrical properties Gravitational properties
Expansion & contraction Corrosive properties


Hathaway Research has experts in Materials Science & Engineering on staff, with experience in the synthesis and characterization of metals, ceramics, and polymers. They have worked extensively on ferrites, piezoelectric material, and polymer matrix nanocomposites, as demonstrated in some of our current R&D and past projects.

Hathaway’s team of scientists is interested in working with start-ups, educational institutions and technological innovators towards an exciting future of new material science developments. Such emerging fields as carbon nanotubes, programmable matter, amorphous metals, superalloys, semi-conductors & super-conductors, and the myriads of other cutting-edge arenas are the future and survival of our civilization. If you have a project you would like to discuss in confidence, please contact us at 905-795-9382 or via email to book a call or visit to our laboratory near Toronto International Airport in Mississauga, Ontario.