Electronics Research & Development

Electronics Research & Development at Hathaway Research

Electronics is unquestionably the one field essential to nearly all other arenas of research and development for both consumer & manufacturing industries. Even the buildings we work and live in are becoming smarter, more efficient, and more adaptable to the changing needs of its residents. In every country around the world, it’s becoming rarer to see new machines, vehicles, or buildings that are not controlled or monitored without some sort of electronic system. Our reliance on electronics is undeniable.

Just after the end of World War 2, a breakthrough device called the “transistor” made its debut on the electronics scene, paving the way for more devices and possibilities in consumer goods. Radios, television, computer chips, digital storage, VCRs, the internet, space exploration, email, GPS, mobile phones, gaming systems, social media & robots, are all devices that became a part of our everyday lives – all thanks to electronics research and development.

Today, there are many branches in the general field of electronics R&D including:

·         Digital Electronics

·         Semiconductors

·         Optoelectronics

·         Audio Electronics

·         Analog Electronics

·         Embedded Systems

·         Integrated circuits

·         Telecommunications

·         Circuit Design

·         Microelectronics

·         Nanoelectronics

·         Power Systems


Of these, Hathaway specializes in the broad field of power systems although it employs most of the other branches of electronics in its research. Power systems includes specialized power supplies for applications such as plasma ignition and maintenance, pulsed power for use in applications ranging from quantum vacuum polarization studies to pulsed magnetic fields for mental health treatments, high frequency systems for communications and many more. Pulsed power systems employ specialized switches and transformers able to convert low frequency power to extremely high power pulses over short time spans.

Power systems also encompass high voltage apparatus and testing, with voltages ranging up to hundreds of kilovolts.

Canadian research companies with a long history, stellar talent pool, and vast experience such as Hathaway Research have stepped up to fill the need of brands to produce high quality results. With a 31 year track record of helping governments, universities and industries to research, measure and build complex prototypes, Hathaway Research is poised to help you bring your new idea into reality. If you have a concept that can help improve the environment, save lives, or make life better for all, we encourage you to review our current R&D and past projects. If you feel that Hathaway would be a good fit for your electronics R&D project, please give us a call to discuss at 905-795-9382 or via email to book a call or visit to our laboratory near Toronto International Airport in Mississauga, Ontario.