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  • From Anti-Gravity to Zero-Point Energy: A Technical Review of Advanced Propulsion Concepts Proc. 22nd AIDAA/AIAA/DGLR/JSASS Int’l. Electric Propulsion Conference, Viareggio, Italy, 1991
  • G. Hathaway, B. Cleveland, Y. Bao Gravity Modification Experiment using a Rotating Superconducting Disk and Radio Frequency Fields Physica C, vol 385 pp 488-500, Apr 1, 2003
  • H. Reiss, G. Hathaway, “Minimum Experimental Standards in the Laboratory Search for Gravity Effects”, Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF-06), edited by M. S. El-Genk, American Institute of Physics, Melville, New York, 2006
  • G. Hathaway, M. Ibison, SETI by Telepathy Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference, Stockholm, May 2011 (U. of Arizona)
  • Sub-micro-Newton resolution thrust balance Rev Sci Instrum.86 (10): 105116 Oct 2015.
  • rTMS: From The Margin To The Mainstream October 2018