Analytical R&D Capabilities

Analytical R&D Experience and Competencies

In order to support the varied and complex R&D projects undertaken by HRI, a comprehensive suite of analytical apparatus is maintained including:

  • optical (transmitted, reflected, confocal) and electron microscopy (SEM & TEM)
  • EDX and XRD detectors
  • Raman, FTIR, TGA analysers
  • EPR, NMR and optical spectrometry
  • gas chromatography & FID
  • mass spectrometry
  • complete materials testing both for electrical/magnetic and structural characteristics (including compression/tension, impact, contact goniometer)
  • CIP, HIP, high temp furnaces, mixers and sieves for powder processing, melt spinner, hot platen press
  • high-speed digital videography, optical shock visualization (eg Shlieren/Toepler)
  • complete electronic, RF and pulsed power calibration, analytical and recording instrumentation
  • pulsed and CW antennae tested in our large double electrically isolated RF anechoic chamber
  • Buchi  Laboratory Spray Dryer
  • compression/tension, impact, contact goniometer, flash point

In addition, the HRI laboratory has several large high-vacuum chambers for plasma and thruster testing. Large optical tables are used for quantum optics experiments. A complete neuron growth and maintenance lab supplies neurons for anomalous communications experiments. In addition, HCS maintains a specialized materials science division including chemistry laboratory as well as a complete machine shop.

If you would like to learn more about our Analytical R&D facility, please click to call at: 905-795-9382 or through our contact page.