We are currently involved in several leading edge research projects. Below is a brief description of the projects and some photos of the ongoing work.

  • NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts

    In order to ensure that the measured thrusts from satellite microthrusters are accurate, the thrust balances

  • New Polymer Development

    in-house laboratory-scale production plant for the production of small quantities of the polymer polysilazane

  • Konfluence Electro-gravitic Bouyancy Experiment

    Under a DARPA contract, Konfluence asked HRI to perform experiments measuring the weight of test masses

  • Bio-communications Research Project

    The Bio-communications project is designed to sense the transfer of information between isolated populations of organisms.

  • AGNUE (Anti-Gravity by NUclear Entropy)

    Dr. Frederick Alzofon - theory of gravitational interaction and modification based on the cyclic spin polarization of atomic nuclei called ``AGNUE``.

  • Puthoff - Metamaterials for TEM Impulse Radiator

    Dr. H.E. Puthoff (Austin) developed a theory of the quantum vacuum treating certain vacuum characteristics

  • Squeezed Light and Negative Energy Density Quantum States

    ``Squeezed Light`` has been produced and researched in oor lab

  • Woodward Dielectric Thrust Propulsion (Oscillating Field)

    Prof. Jim Woodward (U. Cal. Fullerton) dseveloped a consistent physical theory about inertia which allowed him to ...


    Theoretical work of Bernard Haisch and Garret Modde - HRI to determining whether energy can be continuously extracted from the quantum...

  • rTMS (Rep. Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation)

    Claims have been made as to the possibility of using rTMS techniques to enhance certain human cognitive faculties.

  • HRI Autonomous Field-deployable Multi-sensor Anomalous Event Detector

    AFMAED is a system for autonomously detecting, deciphering and transmitting ...

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