AGNUE (Anti-Gravity by NUclear Entropy) - Hathaway Research
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AGNUE (Anti-Gravity by NUclear Entropy)

  • Anti-Gravity by NUclear Entropy Dan 2
  • Anti-Gravity by NUclear Entropy Dan 3
  • Anti-Gravity by NUclear Entropy NMR Mag
  • Anti-Gravity by NUclear Entropy Dan 4
  • Anti-Gravity by NUclear Entropy Dan 1
About This Project

Dr. Frederick Alzofon developed a theory of gravitational interaction and modification based on the cyclic spin polarization of atomic nuclei called “AGNUE”. In this theory, the cyclic polarization is akin to adiabatic demagnetization and results in an entropy change between the test mass undergoing polarization and nearby masses, e.g. the earth. This entropy change results in a small alteration in the energy of the gravitational attraction between the test mass and, say, the earth. Working for HRI, Dr. Alzofon’s son Daniel has been spearheading the experimental verification of the theory which is on-going. Initial tests showed anomalous motion of a test mass and new, more accurate instrumentation is now being tested.